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How it works

This website is designed to help you reach out for financial assistance and get quick solutions for your loan requirements.

The simple application process

We aim to serve you in a convenient manner that will ensure that you can access different kinds of indirect and direct lenders. There is a simple loan request form that one needs to fill up to get started. Here you need to fill in basic details, the amount you wish to borrow and you would be matched with the different lenders who are part of our network.

There are no long, tedious forms to fill or waiting in the queue to meet staff or representatives at a bank. You can simply apply online and have access to your loan requirements fast and easy. This will ensure that you get access to cash in fast and easy ways which will help meet any emergency or financial crisis situation that might arise.

Connecting with lenders

Once you place your application you will be intimated about having been matched with a lender in the network that we have. You would then be redirected to the lender’s page where you would be asked to submit an online application. You might be asked to submit supporting documents. These loans would require you to showcase the kind of income you earn employment history and so forth. For those who have bank statements available in PDF files, they can simply upload the same online and no faxing of documents is required.

Once you have submitted necessary papers and these satisfy the terms and conditions of the lender, you will receive the loan agreement at your email address. You will be given digital access which showcase the terms and conditions of the agreement and allows you to digitally sign and show your agreement.

The loan is processed only after you submit the agreement digitally signed; once you sign it you will be bound by the terms of the agreement before which you can walk away free if the terms do not agree with you. Once you accept offers from a lender you will find the case having been transferred to your account in a single business day which excludes weekends or non banking days.

The terms of loan repayment require you to maintain funds in your account which are required for repayment and usually lenders would be withdrawing the amount as and when the payment comes due.

You can be confident of the security of exchanging financial details on our site. We ensure that all transactions and account details are secured by encryption technology that is up to date. Lenders whom you approach or transact with shall have access to your financial information which will not be shared with other parties.

When you apply with bad credit?

We cannot guarantee that everyone with a poor credit score will receive a loan they apply for on our site. However, there are different kinds of credit products to access and payday lenders usually have loose credit norms that make it possible for many to access credit which would be denied by other financial institutions.

However, there would be a credit check, but the risks of such loans are less as the amounts are small that are offered as payday loans and debt needs to be repaid in a short time period. Hence, lenders have fewer risks to hedge against in such cases.

Payday loans work well for applicants as well in comparison to large amounts of personal loans which often lead to larger debt burdens that people face problems in repaying. All you need is to be a legal citizen of the US, over 18 years of age and earning at least $1000 per month from a stable place of employment.